Awaken your inner mentor


Listen to your soul. She knows it all. Let her take control of your life and tap into your unbound growth.


Re:Sourcing is a process workshop through Journaling, Arts and Movements for establishing your connection with your Essence and invoking your inner mentor with Minal Dalal.


Why? What? How?

If this is touching any of your chords, connect to know more.

Flow Art Meditation

Let your creative juices find a form

Human element is to create. The only way to Soulfilment is through creating. But creative flow has certain pre conditions.

When a mind chatter is quiet, focus sharpens, inner self flows and finds a creative form.

Flow Art Meditation is a two hourly Experiential workshop intended to let your inner self get expressed and your creativity is sprouted. Though this is an Art Meditation, this eventually is a Creative, Meditative, Intuitive and Therapeutic Intersection. If this feels magnetic, do connect to know more.


3 hours process program for inspiring and nurturing young lives.

Life can go unbound if nurtured at a young age. Self awareness, self conceived higher life purpose and path when structured well in advance, legendary living becomes possible.

With our Creative, Meditative, Intuitive and Therapeutic Intersection, far sighted vision takes its first shape on paper. Your unfathomable life begins at this moment. Do connect if this is what you are looking for.


3 hours mind curating program for unleashing potential.


Life is inside out and our mind is a midpoint and a carrier. When placed right our mind can lead us to where all boundaries dissolves and our essential self begin to express herself.


With our Creative, Meditative, Intuitive and Therapeutic Interaction the mind can be curated and hooked for its most creative and constructive use. Your abundance begin here.


Do connect if this is touching your chords.

Who can be benefitted with these workshops

At the end of the day, what we crave for is deep fulfillment or as we call it ‘soulfilment’. It is beyond happiness or success. Only creative constructs can fill our soul thoroughly. This creativity is not merely artistry, passion pursuance or a hobby it is ‘the life you create for yourself and others.’ Insecurities, existential crisis, fears, pain and deprivation all occur with non-creative living.

Creativity is a human element. It flows through intuition and inspiration. Intuition flows with meditation. Meditation requires a healed state. All our experiential process workshops are Creativity, Meditative, Intuitive and Therapeutic Intersections.

Within a few hours you experience your connection with your very essence and expression flowing there on. ‘Life is inside out’ and it begins to go unbound when you ‘listen to your soul’. Rest can become a history. Life from ordinary to extra ordinary to legendary. 

These experiential process workshops are for you.

If you are in deep pain

Not having enough power to overcome and resolve is the deeper most pain one can live with. Power comes from authentication. Authentication comes through awareness, clarity and persistent efforts of who you truly are. This leads your ‘journey within’ and out at the appropriate time and space. Our workshops are intended to help you find yourself. Your legendary story begins to weave here.

If you are searching for meaning

Most of us feel lost, blocked, meaningless but not having enough courage to venture to shed the old. If this venture and self-exploration come through safe and elegant space, we are more than grateful. Although meaningful living is a lifelong process, it can begin with just one spark of inspiration.

If you are a seeker

Deep inside we are all seekers. Some may seem to be living on shallow waters, some deep inside the ocean. But somewhere deep inside we all are looking for answers, we are looking for resolves, we are looking for who we truly are. Our Essence knows it all. If you let her mentor, your life is bound to go unbound. But firstly, we must awaken and trust our essence. This is what you experience with our workshops.

If you feel your life has more value

We seek authentication from the outside, wherein our value must first be established within our own self. This authentication comes through personal mastery, but which way and how? The lingering chaos of past lives keeps us in a confusion and doubting loop. The cloud shedding and spark of soul can be experienced in our workshops.

If you wish to unleash your potential and live big

Living big is a choice we make for ourselves and requires a shift towards abundance and trust. We are born with an assigned set of skills; we just must find out what we can create with our natural skill set. This brings us to our life purpose and life work. This itself crafts our way ahead to greatness. For a while you may experience that greatness within you in our workshops. Once we taste it, we are bound to always follow it.

If you wish to spread your idea across

If you are a visionary or you have a theme or an idea or a wisdom to share with the world, but you are searching for the clues, these workshops are for you. They open your doors of creativity and expression. They heal you, navigate you and bring you to who you are and what you are meant to be.

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