Strittva - Awaken your Womanhood
Strittva - Awaken your Womanhood
Strittva - Awaken your Womanhood
Inner Work Workshops, Spiritual processes
₹ 1,200
May 5, 2022  1:30 PM - Jun 30, 2022  3:00 PM
This is a virtual event. The link to join the event will be shared with you.
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Woman is neither to be empowered nor be compared or equalised. Woman is woman, the very source of life. What she needs is to know and awaken her womanhood. This universe manifests on vibes of energy and matter and the matter dances in the tune of energy. This very tune is womanhood. What remains to be seen is what and how far is she willing to spread? What does she will to manifest and how?

This profound and unbound power is already within each of us but under the dark shade of ignorance. By sheerly knowing them and engulfed through INNER WORK they can be awakened.

Join to work upon yourself and go limitless.

Course conductor: Minal Dalal, Co - founder, Amysh - Spontaneous Manifestation

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