Melodious Yoga Aroma Candle

7 customer reviews


  • Soy Wax
  • Chamomile Essential Oils
  • Aqua Blue Fragrance
  • Watermelon Fragrance


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From the source of light to ambience and décor to healing property and powerful meditation medium, burning aroma candles illuminates your very essence. It creates a meditative atmosphere that relaxes your stressed cells, enhance your productivity. The meditative fragrance and essential oils lead you to ease hence filling you with fresh energy. The act of lighting aroma candles, connecting with its gentle flickering glow in itself is a meditation. Next time when in need of celebrating yourself or for no reason, let the burning aroma candle be in your space. Our Melodious Yoga aroma candles are 100% soy wax soaked in chamomile essential oil and White Aqua + watermelon fragrance oil for effortless and sacred infusion into meditation.

7 reviews for Melodious Yoga Aroma Candle

  1. Akriti

    Very soothing essence

  2. Arundhati Manda

    amazing scent

  3. Aanchal Sarda

    Fragrance is really good🤩

  4. Navya Diwakar

    The candle’s burn time exceeded my expectations, providing hours of gentle illumination without any tunneling or uneven melting. The wax quality is exceptional, emitting minimal smoke and soot, which is essential for creating a peaceful ambiance conducive to meditation.

  5. Aurora

    Daily reflections, and space for setting intentions.

  6. Aurora

    Daily reflections, and space for setting intentions
    Mysterious candle

  7. Shruti

    Smells so fresh! Loved it!!

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