Meditate. Express.

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Introducing ‘Meditate Express’: Your Passport to Inner Peace and Creative Freedom. Immerse yourself in a blend of meditation and expressive exercises designed to awaken your spirit and ignite your creativity. With Meditate Express, delve into mindfulness practices while unleashing your authentic voice through creative expression. Elevate your meditation experience, discover profound insights, and let your creativity flow freely with Meditate Express.


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Art is one of the most beautiful medium of meditation. When you connect with images, your inner self tend to express herself prominently. By giving this expression some kind of a form, the process of meditation becomes fuller. Meditate. express. is a one such elegant form of meditating and expressing. When you will journey through the abstract paintings in the book, you will wonder, each time with new meanings and new expression possibilities. When you let your essence communicate you allow her to take charge of your life. The true life begins here.

3 reviews for Meditate. Express.

  1. Vanshika

    This journal offers a creative outlet for mindfulness practice

  2. jainam beladiya

    wow what a product!!

  3. Khanak

    Loved it

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