Amysh - Spontaneous Manifestation

We believe human has all the power to create or change the entire world. For this we all need to reach and attain a state wherein spontaneous manifestation begin to work for us. This phenomena has both inner and outer influences enforcing hence requires working on both this influences at the same time is must. It all begin by firstly attaining the wellness state. With the aim and intention of our little contribution towards wellness of all of us we have formed the company, Amysh - Spontaneous Manifestation. Under one umbrella we bring for you our Product Line which caters with thoughtfully handcrafted wellness products and we have bring for you our Spiritual Line which has inner work and dance workshops.

Product Line

Gifting is what we love a lot. it sprouts joy and deeply satisfy the worth of one's self. Be it a self gifting or gifting to the loved ones. Gifting is enhanced, deeply works when it given or received through wellness products. Merging both gifting and wellness we are presenting before you our range of wellness products like deeply soothing Scented Candles, mineral rich Bath Salt, herbal Tea Bath Bags, luxurious Roasted Almond Chocolates and more.

Spiritual Line

Formal education enhances you to a limited sphere. Informal and Inner education lets you unbound. Humans are meant to be unbound and we are committed to elevate us all to that state through our 'Inner Work' workshops for kids and women along with 'Ease and Grace' dance workshops for all.

We are your Co - Creators.

Life is success when we reach to the state of spontaneous manifestation. We are committed to travel with you till then. Be it through Elysian - Aesthetic Gifts, our organic Wellness Products range or be it through our Elyte - Informal Academy, our deep working Inner Work and Dance Workshops. We are your Co - Creators.

Why we are a choice!

Once connected, our clients become our co-travelers. We walk through all aspects of life hand in hand. That's how we are loved and we become a choice. We feel blessed and chosen ones and deeply grateful for we are today. Thank you friends for making us your natural choice.

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