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Amysh & Co is your gateway and bridge to your higher self. It’s a Connecting Essence essential.

When you know that life is inside out, you begin your journey within. Meditation is a gateway to this journey. It requires a medium to concentrate your consciousness at one point elegantly. Here we have different forms of Meditative products to be your instrument or medium.
Once you enter your inner realm your need for outer medium dissolves and what is required is inner processing.

Amysh & Co are both, Meditative products medium and Essence invoking processes. We are glad to welcome you to your inner journey. Let’s all meet at our higher ends.

The Co-Founders

We are daughter-mother duo Daivanshi and Minal Dalal. Our unusual journey with Amysh & Co has begun when Daivanshi is still an undergrad student, aged 20 and Minal at the age of 55, a next door housewife so far.

Life can and must be lived from ordinary to extraordinary to legacy is both of ours core belief and our passion to create one for all has got us to this point.

Everything falls in place and abundance comes searching for you when you strive to be deserving and not demanding. When one learns the art of converting her passion into creation, which is what human life is meant for, magic irrupts. That’s what has happened to our lives and that’s what we wish to share with the world. Let’s co-create and co-exist and make our world a beautiful place to live for all.

Co-Founders note for you

It is residing at the ‘creativity, meditative and therapeutic intersection’ abode where unleashing human potential begins. They ask for mediums and instruments. It is this place which not only fulfils but also initiates the journey within. Our inner journey is the pure process of healing and unleashing.

When our life is spirit infused, every moment is lively and joyous. Rest just follows.
It is our passion and privilege to be that  instrument and spirit infusing processor for you. Let’s journey towards our higher selves and make this world a beautiful place to live in for all.

What Customers Say

Writing Intersections

Writing is alchemy. It’s a perfect creative, meditative and therapeutic intersection when guided right. Be it “EssenceInn’, ‘SOULlid’, ‘GrowthInc.’ or ‘Self.Ish’, they all push you to your essential mastery. Our Note Cards will attract you to the now missing art of hand writing.

Art Intersections

Be it ‘Meditate. Express.’, Be it our ‘wall frames’ or ‘unbound Creativity’, our unique and self-conceived Art intersections are beautiful and elegant way to your journey within and enable self exploration and creativity for you.

Fragrance Intersections

Natural fragrance do not just transport you to another world, they bring you back spirit infused. Our unique combinations in ‘aroma candles’ don’t just sooth and calm you, they transport you to your deeper realm.

Green Beauty

All cosmetic forumulas are organic. The majority of all ingredients is natural.


Even nowadays some cosmetic products are tested on animals. That is not the case for us.

Professional Care

All products we use are professional and have proven effeciency. No compromises.

Experience Journey Within


Listen to your soul. She knows it all. Let her take control of your life and tap into your unbound growth.

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Flow Art Meditation

Let your creative juices find a form Human element is to create. The only way to Soulfilment is through creating. But creative flow has certain pre conditions.

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Awaken your inner mentor


Listen to your soul. She knows it all. Let her take control of your life and tap into your unbound growth.


Re:Sourcing is a process workshop through Journaling, Arts and Movements for establishing your connection with your Essence and invoking your inner mentor with Minal Dalal.


Why? What? How?

If this is touching any of your chords, connect to know more.

What Customers Say

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