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Introducing Self-ish Daily Planner: Your Pathway to Personal Empowerment. Prioritize self-care and productivity effortlessly with Self-ish, your go-to daily planner. Designed to help you reclaim your time and focus on what truly matters, Self-ish guides you through each day with intention and purpose.Elevate your self-care routine, seize your goals, and celebrate the power of prioritizing yourself with Self-ish.


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We are trained to account, plan and organize our finances or possessions but not the account of our well-being, which is at the very source. Our well-being is our essential essence. Well-being is our asset without which no asset matters.

Self.Ish is a journal planner to account for your overall well-being daily. This 3-month planner initiates habit cultivation of our best resource, our well-being. At the same time, the daily gratitude and seeking forgiveness habit sets you free. It has also created space for your overall vision board and monthly vision board. This journal is must have utility for students to professionals to home makers to retired people with several other benefits.

24 reviews for Self.ish

  1. Nakshi

    A great way to start my day

  2. Priya

    Superb quality

  3. Reei Kaur Sethi

    Awesome gift for your friends!!!

  4. Devanshi

    i love this journal, so aesthetic and cute💖

  5. Sana kakkar

    It was amazing, and i am looking forward yo buy of some amazing stuff.

  6. Mahek

    Beautiful and aesthetic…I loved it

  7. Saakshi Rathi

    Very aesthetic and helpful journal✨

  8. param

    sucha presentable and standard planner❤️

  9. Drashti Nandu

    I really liked the design and quality of the journal . Definitely recommending it to others 🫶🏼

  10. Tanvi

    A really thoughtful gift

  11. Monika

    Great Gift to give Friends & Relatives 🥰

  12. Anuj Tewari

    Magnificent journal. I will surely purchase your product.

  13. Juhi Sharma

    I loveee how aesthetic it looks from inside and out.

  14. Siya

    So aesthetic and cute!!

  15. Hitanksh

    Amazing quality journal. Loved it

  16. Preet

    Amazing quality!

  17. Ashwin

    Great quality!

  18. Kavya

    So inspiring and motivational!

  19. Arundhati Manda

    very cute collection

  20. Alexa

    fans of this journal

  21. Alexa

    Fans of this journal
    Amazing 👏

  22. Akshat

    Fostering personal growth

  23. Vansh

    Beautiful design

  24. Siddharth

    Good product for gifting

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