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Welcome to ‘Unbound Creativity’: Your Path to Self-Expression and Healing Through Art. Explore the depths of your imagination and emotions with our art therapy booklet. Unbound Creativity provides a safe and supportive space for you to unleash your inner artist, express yourself freely, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and healing. Let go of constraints, unlock your creativity, and embrace the therapeutic power of art with Unbound Creativity.


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Even in life, we are being given situations in portion, and we are meant to create our lives out of those portions. Our mind is conditioned to create only in certain ways, and we miss n number of opportunities. For having several windows open for us, our conditioning must be broken. We must open new creative realms.

Unbound Creativity has 18 different half painted sheets placed in a folder. All these 18 partial arts give you the opportunity and space to complete your art story, each in a unique way. They push your brain’s boundary of stereotype thinking and creating. It enables new circuits or rewire your brain and fill you with a very joyful sense of fulfilment.

6 reviews for Unbound Creativity

  1. Priyal


  2. Aryan jaiswal

    Beauty on peak

  3. Prutha

    Find it effective for deepening their mindfulness practice

  4. Serena

    Crushing it in this field

  5. Jainam Beladiya

    Lovely quality

  6. Vanshi

    Very beautiful concept

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