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Welcome to Essence Inn: Your Gateway to Inner Reflection and Meditation. Immerse yourself in a profound journey of self-exploration with our unique meditation instrument. Essence Inn features 81 carefully crafted questions that invite you to delve deep into your inner world, accompanied by ample space for personal contemplation. Awaken mindfulness, uncover hidden truths, and cultivate a deeper connection with yourself as you navigate through this transformative experience.


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Reflecting upon deeper questions lead to self discovery, clarity and authenticity. EssenceInn is such writing meditation instrument in the form of 81 question book with a space created for you to reflect your inner self. Some of them open tightly shut realms and enhances the vision of self, life and our world. Writing is a powerful meditation medium which when prompted in a right direction become an alchemy.

12 reviews for EssenceInn

  1. Bhumika Chandiramani

    Bhumika Chandiramani (Astrologist and Psychic)

    From the time I have bought the book home that time onwards I can see lots of positive changes in her as she is become more positive towards her studies and specially towards her life.
    Also Yes whenever she picks up the book she says maa this book has a really special essence in this as this makes me feel Divine so just the book energies itself are amazing when she will start writing on it. M sure it will be a real shift for her.

    Thanku so Minal for making so beautiful energies for young generation and making them feel the essence of there Life taking it so positive.

  2. krishang05072004

    Nice product

  3. Prisha Pandey

    Nice product

  4. Tushar Deulkar

    Nice product.

  5. Sana kakkar

    Best stock available.

  6. Palak

    Aesthetic diaries

  7. Jai Datta

    Best diaries collection.

  8. Khushi

    Amazing product

  9. Aansi

    Great product for writing your heart down!!!

  10. Kimaya

    Nice products. It helped me journalising my thoughts.

  11. Amy

    Its lighthearted approach to mindfulness and find it refreshing

  12. Navya Diwakar

    “Captivating scented notebook: a sensory journey with every stroke of pen.”

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