Creativity is a human element

Where does Soulfilment come from?

We have known, experienced or worked upon several ways that fill us thoroughly and long lasting. But rare of us have truly found it. At a point, we feel the need of serving other beings in some way and few of privileged one extend themselves for this as well. People believe the highest human endeavor is in serving others. And yet very few amongst those as well experience fulfillment. Why is this so?

 Fulfillment is the second deeper most desire of human being, only joy and peace and success are insufficient. This is because what we are missing is to create. Creativity is a human element. Creativity certainly does not mean artistry. It means expressing your unique self. We all are bestowed with a set of skills. (This is innate and unshaken by outside turbulence or the amount of means you possess.) This set of skills are imparted to us to create something that not just benefits and elevates us but a larger portion of this world.

Creativity can come in many ways. You must find out which is yours. When in solace, ask your inner self, what will thoroughly fill you? What is it, doing that, nothing remains? Receiving this answer is a process. It requires you to enhance your circle of reach. It encourages you to an adventurous ride of seeking and searching. It also takes you to visit your life purpose, we all are born with and meant for.

We are here on a purpose, assigned with a role to play and a skill set required for the same. This is the art of living and finding a way to live is a science. But deeply soaked in our routine chaos, we have lost this art and science. Hence, we have forgotten to live our very element, which is to create. Here comes the second major consideration which also plays a significant role in either fulfilling or remaining unfulfilled despite doing it all. This is Ego’s role. When we are searching for our fulfillment or life purpose we tend to stumble upon our ego. Our desire to create can be the desire of our ego or desire of our essence. Both can lead you to achieving your goal or purpose, but ego centric goal will leave you unfulfillment. At the same time, ego centric goals will put others in struggle because of you. You might find it serving you but in the long run and deep within, it will be harmful to you and others as well.

Saying this, we come to the point, how to distinguish between ego and essence? The first sign of distinction is to identify that desire as a need or a want. I want to create this, or do I need to create this? Want denotes ego and need denotes essence. Secondly, when connected with the creative purpose, is it giving you sense of stability or disturbance. If stability and trust then it is essence, if disturbance and greediness then it is ego. Every being in this universe is one and connected in the essence. The universe or nature’s system works on the base of elevating every soul and leading it towards freedom from all sorts of pain, including life and death. This is only possible when every being lives from her essence and not ego. Humans having most resources and power, tend to use it more in ego centric or ignorance or limited perception. The best way to overcome is practicing connecting more with your essence than with anything else.

Human element is to create, eventually. Are you creating?


Minal Dalal


  • I enjoyed reading Creativity is a Human Element. Before suffering from Essential Tremor in the hands I enjoyed detailed artwork in pastel or pencil. I found it frustrating to continue with this form of creation due to the shaking in my hands. I have always enjoyed writing and am now trying to study grammar. I need to write well, not just for the aspiration of selling and earning money, but for the creative essence within me,
    This reading asserted that need of my essence, Thankyou and blessings be with you.

  • Dear Jeannette Smart,

    I am glad that you enjoyed reading and also this read asserted the need of your Essence.
    May your whole living be a creative expression of your Essence. Hand tremors can’t paralyse your essence and hence essence expression will find the other way to flow through you. It’s writing in your case.
    Just to let you know I am glad for you. Be blessed and bless others with your Essence. Thank you so much

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