Love perceived at different state of levels

Love perceived at different states

Love, the warmest and illuminative energy of our life. Indeed, isn’t it? Love is at the root source of all. We behold and spread love, but do not reach to the utmost manifestation, why? Well. We all live at a different and distinct level of state and live accordingly. Our perception of love and manifestation of the same thus vary., same goes with our sphere of life or the lives we touch.
So, where do we belong to? Let us know from the lowest to the supreme most.

State of basic existence.

At this state, we merely exist. We do not contribute to any lives consciously and we cannot uphold beyond basic existential needs. Touch of love is absent and is only meant as a physical need of reproduction. Our sphere of touch is limited to a family or just a self.

State of applied existence.

At this state, we apply a bit of our mind and alter a bit of our existence. We are slightly focused on elevation and meaning. We are a little more aware of the world around us. We start making choices through our mind. Love perceived in this state is experienced through the mind and are more likely in the limited form of likes and dislikes.

State of sensitive existence.

We are drawn towards selflessness at this state. We at this state experience others sorrow and joy as ours. Here, we readily extend ourselves for others and hence our sphere of existence enhances. We touch more lives and in return we are being loved. Fulfilment is what love means in this state. Love is experienced at the heart in this state.

State of creative existence.

Our life is more meaningful in this state. We have more authenticated power, more resources, more energy to pass on to the world and hence we flow creatively. We create for ourselves and for others as well. Feeling of connectedness is a perception of love in this state. Becoming more becomes an inevitable choice here. Love is perceived as an inside flow in this state.

State of seeker’s existence.

We are beyond worldly gravitation in this state. Worldly possessions can no longer suffice us. We are in search of a world beyond sensory perceptions. The journey within is intensified and our essence has begun to illuminate. Inner springs of joy, insight and abundance flourishes. The more we know, the more we seek to know. Boundaries of known begin to vanish here. Love is perceived as expansion here. Love is perceived at cellular level in this state. It becomes our second nature.

State of effortless existence.

Although we are in a human form, our essence has been freed to time less and space less existence. Our every single breath pulsates for the well being of all living beings, today and tomorrow. We manifest effortlessly. Abundance comes to us freely. Love means enjoying effortlessness flow when in this state. Love is now freely flowing and radiating.

State of radiant existence.

Thoroughly fulfilled of all desires, we, at this state, are in a detachment zone. The more detached we are, the more freedom we enjoy. Our existence illuminates in the form of warm radiance, which can transform the lives of seekers. In this state love means detached inclusion. We undertake the responsibility of all, we experience oneness and yet there is no bondage. This totally selfless, all-inclusive, detached energy is love at its highest. We are love by ourselves in this state.

Experience the energy of nature to experience the true nature of love. In the essence we are all one. When we experience this oneness, we are love.


Minal Dalal

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