Ordinary to extraordinary to legacy

It is our innate desire to live big and succeed. We strive for growth every living and sleeping moment. Most of us know deep somewhere that we have immense potential and power but are dimmed in the chaos of routine struggle.

We all have it within us then why we fall short, very short? The reasons defer in each individual yet there can be a framework that can be used as guide. Humans are meant to create. Creation is human element. But we live superficially, just for the sake of living. Hardly any dares to dive deep and live with higher vision of legacy creation.

First thing first. Know yourself. Invoke your greatness. Invoke your legacy. Invoke your element. Second thing, know life and how it operates, how you fit in? At the very source, we know our growth path. It is reflected as a passion and the reason of deep fulfilment. This point of fulfilment leads us to our legacy creation. How do we do it?

  1. Find your Soulfilment: Your legacy is reflected in your passion. Your Soulfilment depends on what you chose to create out of your passion. In simple words, what you wish to manifest or create out of your passion? This passion will be your inner flame as well as energy path. The moment you will begin to live for this Soulfilment, your life will begin to shift from ordinary to extraordinary, to few to legacy as well. 
  2. Set very high goals and seek deep: There is a great connection between your passion and deep seeking. When in solitude we encounter deep quests or deep seeking. Something which is not readily available in day-to-day life. Seeking answer to such deep quest will push you from superficial splashing to deep diving. Seeking deeper meaning of your life will help you set higher aims in life.
  3. Heal yourself: We all have deep seated wounds, scars, pains, struggles within our subconscious mind. These accumulated and unreleased experiences form timidness, slavery, insecurity, fear and so more hurdles limiting our growth. Writing and Art are safe expression gateways to bring forth and release. Healing is authenticating. Healing is honouring. Healing is authorising hence healing is must. Until at peace focus on creative growth is least possible.
  4. 3/4 hours investment on personal mastery every single day: I wonder some or the other day, you would have seen those reality talent shows or those keen sports persons or anyone you see as a great achiever of any sort. The most basic common line they carry with them are self-investment of resources, mainly everyday few hours spend on personal mastery. Even if you seemingly do not possess any such special skill, interest or passion, 3 to 4 hours of self investment in personal mastery will eventually bring you to extra ordinary to ordinary. Our research says, 0.1% of self-input can bring you from state 1 on day 1 to state 12 on day 365. What an elevation!!!
  5. Awaken your inner mentor: Your Essence knows it all. We all need and seek guidance at one or the other point of time. But have you known, until your Essence is awakened and involved, no guidance will give you fuller results. Wherein following guide light shown by your inner mentor will flood gate you with positive results. What you need is a strong bond between you and your inner higher self. By seeking guidance and gradually deepening your quest to know, your Essence will freely enlighten you. As said before, your Essence knows it all. It’s just a matter of your bonding and trusting her unconditionally.

Life comes with some rules. If we accept them and weave accordingly. Life has no choice but to bestow you with abundance.

Life’s rules of growth

  1. Be deserving and not demanding.
  2. The more you work towards the welfare of others the more you grow.
  3. Life is inside out.
  4. Live for Soulfilment and abundance will come searching you. 
  5. Research on your own.

Last but the most important factor is you only grow to the extent you envision to grow along with your readiness to grow.


Minal Dalal

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