Meditation is a gateway to your Essence

We find a general confusion about what meditation is, how this can be done and what we can achieve through it. To some, this is a process to attain peace and relaxation. To some, it is to receive answers. To some meditation is a healing medium, some keep wondering why our ancient and modern sages have given so much importance to the meditation process when it is hardly anything to attain just by focusing on your breath or sitting in a quiet space.

Meditation is a process that lets you focus on a single point elegantly. Meditation can be any process or day to day chore or specific activity which disconnects you from mind wondering at various points at one given point of time and fix your attention or focus at just one point very elegantly. So when you are painting and everything else besides painting falls down, you and painting become one, you are meditating. When you are fully engrossed with cooking or writing or listening to the music, you and that activity becomes one, you are meditating.

Why meditate? Why focus on one single point when there is so much to do at one point of time? Well. Our energy flows where our focus goes. This is the main and real purpose of our having a mind. When we focus on several points our energy gets scattered and hence, we do not fully achieve what we intend to achieve. Our scattered energy doesn’t allow us to go beyond superficial or apparent and act accordingly. This is one of the main causes of stress and limitations. We have lived in such a way for hundreds and thousands of years and suffer, now to end this suffering, which is not our essential nature, we must learn to bring our focus to one single point. Meditation is meant for this. It quietens the mind and its limiting perception and widens the subtle realms.

Meditation is a gateway to our Essence. Although Meditation requires medium to focus upon, inner or outer, it opens subtle inner realms very consciously and elegantly. It gently pushes one to turn inwards and listen to one’s essential self. In the process the sensory doors to outer world shut for a while and essence gets the chance to express herself and take the control of life. Peace, relaxation, healing, creative expression manifest as a natural by-product as the limiting, ever wondering, doubting mind is put to quiet mode. When one is looking for deeper meanings, when a seeker with deeper quest indulges into meditative processes often, they tend to find. It is a process and doesn’t happen overnight. Meditation must be used to awaken the essential self, suffice deep quests and push the boundaries of sensory perceptions

At one point, meditation becomes one’s nature. Here onwards the need for medium dissolves and what remains is inner processing, cleansing and creative expression. Life is in to out. Life is first created within and then manifest in the gross reality as consequences. Any changes required in the gross world must be first brought within. Our essence knows it all. We are not trained to give it a chance and operate through our sensory, mental and or emotional needs. Essence led life is an art and science of potent living. It is also a human element. Unfortunately, we have lost this art and science. Our ancestors knew it and that’s how sitting at one tiny corner of earth, they knew secrets of whole universe. This is how few yogis became space and timeless beings. We know them as gods, a highest human living potential. Meditation is the beginning of this inner journey and seed to this highest potent living. Meditation is a gateway to our Essence.

Let’s all meet at our higher selves. Let’s together create a bridge between our current self and our higher selves.

Minal Dalal

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