Why do we suffer?

Joy, Abundance, Light as said are our Nature, our Essence or Element. Then why we suffer? Rather what we experience everyday is pain, struggle, suffering, timidness, limits. The answer is simple we live unnatural, we live far away from what we truly are. Is it that simple? No and yes. 

We are a human form of our soul journey. Every single life our soul is journeying towards freedom. Freedom from all suffering to freedom from cycle of life and death. A state where soul live eternally in her own essence. 

What happens is every single life we have been through so far have left us with experience imprints, we know as samskaras. Most our lives, even the current one, we have learned to live through our bodily needs, sensory perceptions, mental framework, emotional cravings or worldly knowledge. Now together they do not even combine as 2 to 5% of who we are. We are our Essence. This body, this name, these relations which we live as is just a manifestation of our samskaras so far. They are all so much limited and we in our Essence are whole, infinite. Don’t you think this will create constant struggle between who we are and how we are living. This is where the suffering come from. 

Below given are gross reasons for suffering and how to end them. Remember, ending is just easily said than practiced. If we could, by now, we all would be free souls enjoying our light, abundance, eternity and infinity. But our lives are meant towards them, whether consciously or unconsciously, whether by choice or by force, whether knowingly and willingly or unknowingly and unwillingly, we are led towards freedom. Freedom is our eventual seeking. 

Uncreative living: Most of us live for the sake of living. No purpose, no meaning, nothing to create. Whereas humans our element is to create. A few of us who even have purpose in life, have material purpose and or limited purpose. We want to unleash our highest potential but are unaware of what to do, what to create with that unleashed potential. Higher creative purpose for welfare of all works like an alchemy.

Attachment: Sense of belonging or possession separates us from others. Here is where we fail. This sense of belonging or possession or ownness create binding or attachment. Whether with living being or non-living beings, or the fruition of our deeds limits us from receiving which is ours and abundant in nature. Detachment is the doorway to infinity and eternity. 

Disconnection from our Essential Self: As every material thing have its ingredients and essentials to perform to its optimum, we humans too have our essential self to unleash our highest potential and end all sorts of suffering. We are more connected to the outer world and within inner frame to the extent of our senses or mind or emotions. And our senses, mind and emotions are either corrupted or limited, hence the manifestations are also corrupted or limited. This results in suffering. The best way to end this is practicing inner journey to awaken our very essence. Simple guided forms of writing, arts, movements can gently and wonderfully do these for you.

Selfishness: In Essence we are all connected and one. It is our selfishness that separates us from others. We forget that its not only about this life, or this human form, the eventual journey is that of the soul towards her own essence. Our selfishness is totally in the opposite direction. We may find us winning and gaining in this life but eventually its against our essence or nature. This creates lot of struggle and pile more into we already have accumulated from our millions of past lives. Living the life of unhurt, welfare and wellbeing of all is the way to lighten our selfish self. 

Ego: Our perception of ‘I’, ‘me’ or ‘mine’, ‘our’ results into the ego, the false reflection of who we are. Our righteousness or wrongness fuels this ego. Ego is the biggest hurdle for the essence free flow. As our perception is limited to this life, time, space and based on our past experiences only, our reflection of self also remains limited. When ego operates our life we invite lot of outside troubles along with inner ones, well of course, addition to our sufferings. Getting rid of ego is not easy, only detachment and strong seeking of freedom or huge outside hammering can break one’s ego. Yet to know and accept that ego is operating our life can also be concrete beginning. 

Shallow living: We want to live, and gain unbound at the same time we want to remain in our comfort zone. These both do not go hand in hand. Our essence wants us to break all boundaries and our insecurities, fears want to keep us safe in our comfort zone. Again, a struggle. Again, living against our essence. Seeking deeper meaning, breaking all barriers to find the answers and most importantly leaving our comfort zone in adapting newly found answers is a challenge worth unleashing our human potential. 

We have just checked few gross and apparent reasons for suffering, although the intricacies of pain and joy are very subtle. Only the genuine seekers can deep dive and find the pearl.


Minal Dalal

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