Keep it expectation free

Expectation is the root string, which is attached to all that we do, or we don’t. When expectations are met, we are happy and when not, we become sad, and we struggle. Struggle or stress or sadness is not our nature and occur only when we don’t operate from the right state. Effortless manifestation is our nature, spontaneous manifestation is our nature as well as our natural state. But we are operating far away.

What happens when we expect? Why shouldn’t one expect? Is it even possible to live without expectations? Valid questions. But expectation is a string attached and attachment is limitation. Detachment leads to infinity. Our expectation spring out of our limited perceptions or previous experiences or samskaras. Our consciousness is time bound, state bound whereas consequences we create are timeless and stateless. Hence our expectations become a hindrance in receiving or manifesting the actual. We are at a great loss. When we learn to live expectation free, just focusing on our responsibility and do-ability, our reach goes far away.

Expectation is the subtle energy affecting the outcome. Whether exposed or hidden, it moves things in that very desired path. Again, expectation is attachment and hence limited. Attachment is a gravitational force that doesn’t allow us to set free or balanced. It reflects as distortion, away from truth, light or wholeness. Rose doesn’t expect anything while blooming to her highest state, it blooms because blooming is her very nature. Highest beauty is achieved only in being and not becoming by attaching expectation string. Detachment is abundance. Detachment is joy. Detachment is our essential self. By attachment and or expectations we are responsible in restricting ourselves and not getting which is ours.

Expectation and attachments are judgmental. Living expectation free is not easy cause we have lost the art and science of detachment or non-expectancy. But it is the only certain way in unleashing our highest potential. Expectations create clouds of chaos which eventually darkens the sunshine, the truth, the light, the essence of what is.

How do we live without expectations or clinging to outcomes? The secret is in just practicing letting go. When and where we find ourselves attached to expectations simply message our conscious mind and emotions to let go. Slowly and gradually, this practice of letting go or detachment will grow profound and take over our subconscious mind as well, which is a seat of our million lives samskaras. It is in the cultivation of detachment as a habit, that will erase the clinging nature built in against our very nature.

When we deep dive under the roots of all our desires, the deeper most we will find is breaking free or seeking freedom from all that which is not our essence, or which is not our nature. In our essence, we are free from all sorts of clinging as clinging itself is attachment which doesn’t allow us to break free. Expectation is a burden that pulls us down. Only lighter can fly high, thicker always remains grounded. The more we are free, the more we can unleash our potential, the more we live and grow abundantly.

Let’s together grow abundantly. Let’s all meet at our higher selves.

Minal Dalal

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